• I love Mama’s Good Good seasonings. I use it primarily on chicken wings. It’s so easy to prepare grilled, baked or fried chicken with the seasoning since the work has been done for you. All you do is sprinkle or rub the seasoning on the chicken or meat of your choice. If you haven’t Mama’s Good Good, you should, I know you’ll love it like I do!

    India Hines
  • I made two batches of the “warm” wings this morning. The smell alone is waking up sleeping giants and they taste fabulous. I am not skilled in trying to figure out how to season my food, and now I don’t have to. Oil, rub, bake, and go. Thanks Mama’s.

    Lynette Burkhart
  • India Hines
  • I received a pkg. of the Kicking from my sister in law and we tried it out. Use chicken and it was fabulous. Made chicken salad with left overs and my husband raved about it. He said it was the best chicken salad I’ve made yet. Can’t wait to try it on other meats. Thank you Lynette for this special gift.

    Joni Burkhart
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    India Hines

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